Rancho Electro - Episode 01 - "Salt Fires" - Graph Rabbit & Mikael Jorgensen

"Salt Fires" written and performed by

  • Mikael Jorgensen - Electronics
  • Austin Donohue - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
  • Shy Kedmi - Metallophone


  • Rob Givens - Camera
  • Alex Rosson - Location Audio
  • Kris Cadle - Location Audio
  • John Garcia - Production Assistance
  • DJ TeeBee - Audio Mix
  • Austin Donohue - Editor


A while back, my friends in the band Graph Rabbit were on tour out west and had a few extra days in the LA area.  I invited them up to Ojai in hopes of collaborating on a song together in my studio.  After thinking about it for a spell, I thought to myself, "Who the hell cares about another music file on a server somewhere?"  We needed to find a new challenge and so I thought, why not work up a tune to perform, record and film in a natural setting?

The idea was born.  Austin Donohue, the singer, asked his friend and DP Rob Givens to come and shoot us.  I asked my friend, and then head of Audeze, Alex Rosson, if he would like to come record an electronic / acoustic musical performance in the wilderness.  He agreed and brought along his colleague Kris Cadle to help as well as some of his prototype microphones.  Along with Graph Rabbit's sound man John Garcia, we trekked into the hills and began a grand experiment.  The forecast called for rain beginning around 4:30pm the day of the shoot, and as we wrapped & were hiking back to our vehicles just after 4pm, sure enough, it began to rain.  There are a few shots where you can see the drizzle / fog in the background.

A week later, Austin put a rough cut together that has more or less stayed in place, save for a few tweaks here and there.  Our friend DJ TeeBee did the final audio mix and it sounds incredible.

Everything you see and hear was performed, recorded and shot on location. 

More to come...

Mikael Jorgensen, May 2016